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Founded in 1985 by Chris van Tonder with Jim Fulghum as Chairman, Interconsilium is considered by its valued clients and candidates as one of the pre-eminent global executive search firms.

We operate on every continent, offering international, regional and South African expertise and coverage. We strive to exceed the expectations of our clients through searches that feature world-class candidates, industry-best service and competitive intelligence, supported by proprietary technology and communications tools.

As a focused and nimble boutique network, we are able to dedicate our more than 50 years search experience and specialist resources to providing outstanding service for our clients and candidates, whom we make our paramount concern. This approach enables us to offer clients an unsurpassed level of quality, service and attention. Due to our structure, we move quickly and are able to operate unrestricted by traditional search firm constraints.

We are proud of our independence and the way our network has matured by focusing on client needs, quality and performance.  Our flexibility, dedication and industry knowledge have become our most important characteristics, while we remain committed to maintaining the highest standards of service to clients.

Company Statements

To be the most adaptable, client focused Executive Search network, globally leveraging our international relationships to add value to clients.


Our mission is to provide clients with the best quality candidates - every time.

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